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Stomach cancer in Māori

The aims of this project are:

  1. To investigate the importance of known risk factors for stomach cancer in Māori including socioeconomic factors, Helicobacter pylori, obesity, diet, smoking, and alcohol consumption.
  2. To investigate the role of genetic factors and gene-environment interactions (particularly alcohol consumption and specific genetic polymorphisms) on the risk of stomach cancer.
  3. To explore potential risk factors for subtypes of stomach cancer including diffuse gastric cancer.
  4. To record the care and treatment received by patients and examine factors that affect stomach cancer survival.


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Arnold M, Moore S, Hassler S, Ellison-Loschmann L, Forman D, Bray F. The burden of stomach cancer in indigenous populations: a systematic review and global assessment. Gut, 2014; 63(1): 64-71. link icon
Ellison-Loschmann L, Sporle A, Corbin M, Cheng S, Harawira P, Gray M, Guilford P, Koea J, Pearce N. Risk of stomach cancer in Aotearoa/New Zealand: a Māori population based case-control study. PLOS One, 2017; 12(7): e0181581. link icon
Hakkaart C, Ellison-Loschmann L, Day R, Sporle A, Koea J, Harawira P, Cheng S, Gray M, Pearce N, Guilford P. Germline CDH1 mutations are a significant contributor to the high frequency of early-onset diffuse gastric cancer cases in New Zealand Māori. Familial Cancer, 2019; 18(1):83–90. link icon

October 2008



  • Associate Professor Jonathan Koea
  • Andrew Sporle
  • Apollo Centre
  • Pauline Harawira
  • Kimihauora Trust
  • Associate Professor Parry Guildford
  • Dunedin School of Medicine


  • Health Research Council of New Zealand