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Literature Review to Inform Māori Analysis for Guidelines for Weight Management in Children and Young People and in Adults

The aims of this projects are:

  1. Strengthen the Māori analysis within the New Zealand Guidelines for Weight Management in Adults and in the New Zealand Guidelines for Weight Management in Children, including guideline algorithms, to better ensure the relevance and effectiveness of the guidelines and guideline algorithm for Māori.
  2. To contextualise weight management among Māori in order to inform clinicians' approaches in health consultations. This is informed by the broader determinants of health and inequalities analysis and evidence relating to cultural factors.
  3. To describe quality of care issues and enablers and barriers to access and delivery of health services at the health system, health care organisation, health professionals and patient/whānau levels in order to inform approaches to health consultations. With a focus on Māori models of care and frameworks for service delivery.
  4. To identify good practice points to enable the application of evidence in health consultations to facilitate weight management among Māori within the context of the guideline algorithm, with a focus on how primary health care and community health service providers can support behaviour change for Māori.
  5. To identify any risks that the guidelines may have on the unintended consequence of increasing inequalities.