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Worker Exposure Survey

Take part in an important research study WORKPLACE EXPOSURES


Why are we doing the study?

We are conducting an important study to learn more about occupational exposures and workplace practices in selected occupational groups in the New Zealand workforce. We are doing the survey so that effective interventions may be developed to prevent work-related disease and injury.

What does the study involve?

We are inviting about 700 workers aged between 20 and 64 years from seven occupational groups to take part in a confidential telephone interview.

The groups are: a) farmers who apply pesticides; b) collision repair workers; c) construction workers, d) sawmill workers; e) hospitality workers; f) clerical workers; and g) nurses. 

What will my participation involve?

Participation will involve a telephone interview asking about your current workplace exposures, organisational factors, and your health. The interview will take about ½ hour – 45 minutes and will take place at a time and date convenient to you.  Your employer will not be contacted in regards to your participation in this study.

What will happen to my personal information?

We will treat all information from the questionnaires as strictly confidential. The data from the questionnaires will be seen by named researchers only. No individual information or names will be published. During and after completion all questionnaires will be stored in locked filing cabinets, which will be the responsibility of the Director of the Centre for Public Health Research.

We are recruiting until the end of March 2019.

For further information, please contact Jean Feary Mckenzie on 0800 367 935 or email j.fearymckenzie