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Biodiversity & Health Study

Massey University - Biodiversity and Childhood Health Study

Massey University is conducting a study looking at how exposure to the natural environment affects health in children aged 6-11yrs. The aim of the study is to investigate if exposure to greater biodiversity may have health benefits, which may lead to better treatment options for common health conditions such as asthma and allergies. If your child is 6-11yrs, the research team would be grateful if you would consider taking part. For this study to be successful, the study needs children with and without asthma and allergies to take part.

The study initially involves completing a questionnaire and your child taking part in two tests, a breathing and an allergy test. The research team will later invite a smaller number of selected participants to take part in some further clinical tests.

To take part in the research, please return the consent forms in the invitation pack given to your child. The research team greatly appreciates the parents who have already responded.

If you would like further information about the study and the tests involved, please refer to the invitation pack given to your child recently,  or please contact the study coordinator:

Jean Feary McKenzie

0508 ASTHMA or

Project: Biodiversity and microbiota: a novel pathway to allergy and asthma prevention