Amanda Eng

Dr Amanda Eng is a Research Officer at the Centre for Public Health Research with an interest in occupational and environmental health and cancer epidemiology.
She has been involved with a number of epidemiological studies in the field of occupational health and completed her PhD in occupational epidemiology in 2011. Her doctoral thesis was based on the very first survey of occupational exposures and health effects in the general population. Amanda has also worked as a Research Fellow in Epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in the UK where she worked on studies examining mammographic breast density as a determinant of breast cancer risk. Amanda is currently working on a programme of research focusing on occupational health and national meta-data, including a study examining occupational risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

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Amanda Eng

Research Fellow

Phone: +64 4 979 3374 or 0800 990 053