Ridvan (Riz) Tupai-Firestone

Dr Firestone is a Senior Researcher and Associate Dean (Pacific, College of Health). Her research involves investigations on social-cultural and health inequalities specifically among young Pasifika people with non-communicable diseases in NZ. She also has a wider focus in co-developing community-based interventions with Pasifika and Māori communities to: (i) tailor interventions to ensure the community’s’ needs are met and; (ii) ensure the interventions are relevant, and adaptable for long-term uptake by people within their communities.

Outside of academic life, she has a passion for empowering others in healthier lifestyles through her pro-hobby group fitness career at one of NZ’s largest gyms, teaching Group Power and Ride classes, where she enjoys meeting and establishing new connections with people (retired, professionals, young/mature students). Finally, she has three very active children who also keep her busy with their sports and cultural activities.

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Ridvan (Riz) Tupai-Firestone

Pacific Health Senior Research Fellow

Phone: +64 4 979 3107