Megan Healy

PGDipSciTech, GradCertSciTech, PGCertEd, MA, BA(Hons)

Megan Healy joined the Research Centre for Hauora and Health as a Research Assistant in 2021. She has previously worked as an RA in the Genome Damage and Stability Centre at the University of Sussex, UK where she learnt various techniques in molecular & cell biology and biochemistry. Megan has a BA and MA in Natural Sciences (Physical) from the University of Cambridge and a Postgrad Cert of Education from Oxford University. She has taught chemistry, biology, physics, maths and sport in Fiji, the UK and Australia. Megan recently graduated from Massey University with a Postgrad Dip in Science and Technology (Human Nutrition).

Currently, Megan is working for Lisa Te Morenga on the Young Foods New Zealand study, looking at food intake and its impact on dental health. The primary aim of the study is to assess nutritional adequacy of children aged under 4 years old in New Zealand.

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Megan Healy

Research Assistant

Phone: +64 4 979 3071