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Health Surveillance: Information for Action in the 21st Century


Session 1

Current State & Future Opportunities in Public Health Surveillance

Dr Lisa Lee

A Surveillance Portfolio for Emerging and Evolving Diseases –Design, Delivery, Deductions, Decisions

Professor Roger Morris

Session 2

Infectious disease surveillance

Associate Professor Michael Baker

Occupation health surveillance

Mark Wagstaffe

Environmental Health Surveillance: case studies

Professor Jeroen Douwes

The use of molecular tools for the surveillance of human and animal pathogens

Professor Nigel French

One World, One Health

Dr Douglas Lush

Session 3

Syndromic surveillance I

Dr Melissa McLeod

Syndromic surveillance II

Kylie Mason

Surveillance in local public health practice

Dr Nick Jones

Disease clusters: a case study

Dr Derek Bell

Monitoring the state of the environment

Tanya Gray

Session 4

Health Surveillance: Information for Action in the 21st Century

Dr Fran McGrath

Why Biosecurity surveillance is essential for you

Dr Paul White

Role of ESR in Communicable Disease Surveillance

Dr Don Bandaranayake

Information for Action –Who’s Acting?

Ron King

Public Health Service

Dr Phil Shoemack

NZFSA and Surveillance

Dr Donald Campbell

Public health surveillance and the HSNO Act: What are the hazardous substances, and the circumstances, that are causing harm?

Dr Katherine Butterfield

19 March 2010, Friday


Te Papa Museum, Wellington


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