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Cancer Control


Session 1

Cancer Prevention: the gap between what we know and what we do

Professor John Potter

Development of cancer control plans in Australia

Professor Brian McAvoy

Session 2

Cancer trends and projections

Dr Martin Tobias

An overview of causes of cancer in New Zealand

Professor Neil Pearce

Cancer in Maori

Professor Chris Cunningham

Cancer in Pacific people

Dr Ate Moala

Socio-economic differences in cancer

Dr Tony Blakely

Cancer survival in New Zealand

Dr Mona Jeffreys

Session 3

The role of health promotion in cancer control

Carolyn Watts

Screening for cancer: gaps, opportunities and challenges

Professor Alistair Woodward

Cancer Treatment in New Zealand: ensuring we facilitate the pathway of patient care

Dr John Childs

Support and rehabilitation

Doug Sexton

Palliative Care

Jan Nichols

Session 4

The Cancer Control Strategy - process and players

Marjan van Waardenberg

The future of Cancer Control in New Zealand

Associate Professor Chris Atkinson

18 November 2004, Thursday


Illott Theatre, Wellington Town Hall


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