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CPHR Events

Here you will find details about future and past presentations in our regular Seminar series (often with copies of the actual presentation), details about previous and forthcoming symposia and conferences hosted by CPHR, together with a variety of presentations made by our staff at conferences and meetings.

We use a variety of channels to disseminate the findings from our research and engage with fellow researchers and collaborators, as well as policy and decision makers across a wide range of sectors.

Here you will find the calendar of future speakers in our regular Seminar series, for which there is an open invitation for anyone to attend. The schedule of past seminars is also provided often with a copy of the accompanying speakers presentations.

We also host symposia and conferences on specialist topics, with participation from our national and international collaborators. In this section, you will find the schedule for future conferences together with the programme and registration details (and an online registration form). There is also the list our previous  meetings, the list of speakers, the programme and where available, copies of the presentations.

You will also find a list of presentations that CPHR staff have given at a various national and international conferences and meetings. 

Upcoming Events


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The presentations in CPHR Seminar series cover a wide range of topics and disciplines of relevance and interest to public health practitioners

Symposia + Conferences

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CPHR regularly holds symposia and conferences on a variety of specialist topics, which include presentations by national and international experts

CPHR Presentations

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This section includes presentations given by CPHR staff at various national and international conferences and meetings