Masters in Public Health (MPH) Theses



Masters in Public Health (MPH) Theses based in other Research Groups and Institutions



Doctoral Research Fellows (PhD)


Karen Page

Title: Knowledge, attitudes and beliefs in the prevention of HPV-related cancer and morbidities: factors affecting uptake of the New Zealand HPV immunisation programme

Supervisors: Andrea 't Mannetje.

Jonathan Coakley

Title: Biological monitoring of persistent organic pollutants.

Supervisors: Andrea 't Mannetje, Barry Borman, Jochen Mueller (National Research Centre for Environmental Toxicology, University of Queensland, Australia).

Md Alfazal Khan

Title: Epidemiology of bronchial asthma in children in Bangladesh.

Supervisors: Allan Smith, Jeroen Douwes, Neil Pearce.

Ruth Hinz

Title: Occupational exposures and possible health effects from residue chemicals in workers handling imported or fumigated containers or goods.

Supervisors: Jeroen Douwes, Andrea 't Mannetje, Bill Glass.

Samuel Keer

Title: Neurotoxic and other health effects of occupational exposures to solvents and hazardous agents

Supervisors: Jeroen Douwes, Dave McLean, Bill Glass.

Grace Chen

Title: Occupational and environmental risk factors for Motor Neurone Disease (MND) in New Zealand

Supervisors: Jeroen Douwes, Dave McLean, Leonard van den Berg (University Medical Centre, Utrecht, Netherlands).

Hana Tuisano

Title: Understanding and addressing the impacts of obesity on Pasifika people in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Supervisors: Anna Matheson, Ridvan (Riz) Tupai-Firestone.

Caroline Fyfe

Title: An investigation into the impact of EECA subsidised insulation on the health of residents.

Supervisors: Barry Borman, Deborah Read.

Title: Monitoring the environmental health of New Zealand: A composite environmental health index

Supervisors: Barry Borman, Anna Matheson, Deborah Read.

Title: Barriers to improving health through healthy housing services.

Supervisors: Barry Borman, Anna Matheson.

Lucy Barnes

Title: Occupational risk factors for Cardiovascular Disease (Provisional title)

Supervisors: Jeroen Douwes, Andrea 't Mannetje, Amanda Eng.


Submitted and awarded in 2017

Tania Slater

Title: The role and potential of community-based cancer care for Māori in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Supervisors: Anna Matheson.

Doctoral Research Fellows (PhD) based in other Research Groups and Institutions


Brendan Stevenson (Research Centre for Māori Health and Development)

Title: Te Hoe Nuku Roa

Supervisors: Barry Borman, Chris Cunningham (Research Centre for Māori Health and Development, Massey University).

Phoebe Taptiklis

Title: Assessing the relationship between home maintenance and indoor dampness.

Supervisors: Robyn Phipps ( School of Engineering & Advance Technology, Massey University ), Jeroen Douwes, Mark Jones (BRANZ).


Postdoctoral Research Fellowships