Masters in Public Health (MPH) Theses



Masters in Public Health (MPH) Theses based in other Research Groups and Institutions



Doctoral Research Fellows (PhD)


Karen Page

Title: Knowledge, attitudes and beliefs in the prevention of HPV-related cancer and morbidities: factors affecting uptake of the New Zealand HPV immunisation programme

Supervisors: Andrea 't Mannetje.

Jonathan Coakley

Title: Biological monitoring of persistent organic pollutants.

Supervisors: Andrea 't Mannetje, Barry Borman, Jochen Mueller (National Research Centre for Environmental Toxicology, University of Queensland, Australia).

Md Alfazal Khan

Title: Epidemiology of bronchial asthma in children in Bangladesh.

Supervisors: Allan Smith, Jeroen Douwes, Neil Pearce.

Ruth Hinz

Title: Occupational exposures and possible health effects from residue chemicals in workers handling imported or fumigated containers or goods.

Supervisors: Jeroen Douwes, Andrea 't Mannetje, Bill Glass.

Samuel Keer

Title: Neurotoxic and other health effects of occupational exposures to solvents and hazardous agents

Supervisors: Jeroen Douwes, Dave McLean, Bill Glass.

Grace Chen

Title: Occupational and environmental risk factors for Motor Neurone Disease (MND) in New Zealand

Supervisors: Jeroen Douwes, Dave McLean, Leonard van den Berg (University Medical Centre, Utrecht, Netherlands).

Hana Tuisano

Title: Understanding and addressing the impacts of obesity on Pasifika people in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Supervisors: Anna Matheson, Ridvan (Riz) Tupai-Firestone.

Caroline Fyfe

Title: An investigation into the impact of EECA subsidised insulation on the health of residents.

Supervisors: Barry Borman, Deborah Read.

Title: Monitoring the environmental health of New Zealand: A composite environmental health index

Supervisors: Barry Borman, Anna Matheson, Deborah Read.

Title: Barriers to improving health through healthy housing services.

Supervisors: Barry Borman, Anna Matheson.

Lucy Barnes

Title: Occupational risk factors for Cardiovascular Disease (Provisional title)

Supervisors: Jeroen Douwes, Andrea 't Mannetje, Amanda Eng.


Submitted and awarded in 2015

Marine Corbin

Title: Bayesian methods to address multiple comparisons and misclassification bias in studies of occupational and environmental risks of cancer

Supervisors: Neil Pearce, Milena Maule (Cancer Epidemiology Unity, University of Turin).

Doctoral Research Fellows (PhD) based in other Research Groups and Institutions


Brendan Stevenson (Research Centre for Māori Health and Development)

Title: Te Hoe Nuku Roa

Supervisors: Barry Borman, Chris Cunningham (Research Centre for Māori Health and Development, Massey University).

Phoebe Taptiklis

Title: Assessing the relationship between home maintenance and indoor dampness.

Supervisors: Robyn Phipps ( School of Engineering & Advance Technology, Massey University ), Jeroen Douwes, Mark Jones (BRANZ).


Postdoctoral Research Fellowships