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Welcome and Kia Ora

Centre for Public Health Research

Two major events have recently happened in CPHR’s life. We are now part of Massey’s new College of Health and we have shifted to refurbished premises on the main Wellington campus. It has been great to become more integrated into the life of the University. We continue to undertake a wide range of public health research with our national and international collaborators and are currently revamping our postgraduate  teaching programme.


Massey University

Welcome to Massey University, New Zealand’s defining university. The engine of the new
New Zealand.


Is an internet-based tool for the geographic display of New Zealand health related data.

Environmental Health Indicators

Monitors the effect of environmental indicators on the health of the
New Zealand population.

College of Health

CPHR is part of the College of Health.


The New Zealand Birth Defects Registry monitors the occurrence of birth defects.